Friday, 11 January 2019

Five Things I Want To Do In Iceland.

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If you didn't know, on the 12th January (so tomorrow!) I'm going to Iceland. It's been on my bucket list for the longest time and I mentioned to my Mum that I really wanted to go, so she's booked for us to go for four days. I will actually be there for my 25th birthday, so of course that's exciting too! I thought I'd share with you five things I would love to do whilst I'm there.

See the northern lights. One of the main reasons I want to go to Iceland is to see the northern lights, obviously I know that it's not guaranteed that you'll get to see them, but my fingers are crossed as I really hope I go. We're going on Sunday 13th, so please keep your fingers crossed for me too. 

Enjoy the blue lagoon. I've actually booked the blue lagoon for the Monday 14th as this is my birthday and I am so excited. I've seen so many photos online and I cannot wait to experience it myself. What better way to spend my 25th birthday ey. 

Go to the golden circle. I haven't yet booked this but I would absolutely love to go. Again, I've seen so many pictures and videos online and it looks incredible. Hopefully I'll get to go!

Try some Icelandic cuisine. I am obsessed with food so I'd love to try some local grub.

Make memories. The main reason I'm going, to make amazing memories with my beautiful mama. Of course they'll be lots of posts on my Instagram and plenty in my scrapbook too!

Have you ever been to Iceland? What things would you recommend I did whilst there? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Love the idea of going to Iceland, definately a dream destination of mine.

  2. Ahhh I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Iceland - have the best time!!! xx

  3. Going to Iceland next month to hopefully view the Northern lights also! For my dad's birthday as he's always wanted to see them. Thanks for the recommendations, hope it isn't too cold when you go!

  4. Hope you are having the best time ever! Please take me with you next time. Cannot wait to see the pics
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  5. Omg I have been wanting to go to Iceland for the longest time!! Please do a blog post all about it when you're back!! What did you book through cause everything I looked at seemed quite expensive xx


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