Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Thirty Before I'm Thirty.

Thirty Before I'm Thirty.
So as some of you may know, on Monday 14th January I reached the grand old age of 25. Yes, that's fine - I am now 1/4 of a century. I had a lovely birthday, I got to spend it in Iceland, in the Blue Lagoon actually and it was just amazing (there will be a post all about my trip on the 30th January, don't worry!) it was probably my favourite birthday, ever. As I'm now 25, I thought I'd write up a little bucket list of all the things I want to do before I'm 30. So here it is, my thirty before I'm thirty bucket list:
  1. Learn to drive
  2. Buy a car
  3. Save some money
  4. Move out (again!)
  5. Complete a dry month
  6. Complete a tough mudder event
  7. Run a 10K event for charity 
  8. Learn a new skill
  9. Attend a blog event
  10. Go to friends fest
  11. Do a bungee jump for fun
  12. Go to the York races
  13. Watch all of the Harry Potter films
  14. Get a pet Pug
  15. See a show on The Broadway
  16. Go on the London Eye
  17. Go to London for New Years Eve
  18. Go to the John O'Groats sign
  19. Got to Brighton
  20. Go to Dublin 
  21. Go to Amsterdam
  22. Go to Poland
  23. Go to Budapest 
  24. Go up the Eiffel Tower
  25. See two more of the Wonders of the World
  26. Go to New York City
  27. Go on the Pepsi Max
  28. Go to a safari
  29. Meet a real life Unicorn
  30. Be completely happy. 

So that's my list of thirty things before I'm thirty. What's one thing you'd love to achieve? Have you done any of the things on my bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Happy late birthday! I can't wait for your Iceland post. Best of luck with this list too, all that travelling will be a fab experience xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday... and holiday! I'm 30 in just a few weeks. Totally dreading it!

    Roxie |

  3. Hope you had the best birthday :) I'm sure you'll do your 10k and get your driving license and car!

    Katie | XX


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