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What Emma Got Me For Christmas.

Flat lay of presents from Emma.
It's that time of the year, where I share with you what I got for Christmas. I've decided to do it in two parts this time, so this post is what Emma got me for Christmas and next Wednesday (9th January) will be what else I got for Christmas. For the last three years, myself and Emma have sent each other gifts for Christmas and this year the budget got bigger! So now I'm going to share with you what Emma got me and boy did she do good. Honestly, every single present is amazing and she knows me so well. Each present was wrapped with a little note attached and I will mention what was written on each present too.
Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer
Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer
This product has been on my wish list for the longest time, but, I don't think I've ever mentioned it to Emma before, so opening this was a real surprise! It looks so pretty and the packaging is beautiful too. I love Too Faced products so I'm sure to love this too.
The note read: 'This one surprised me and now I love it so much! I hope you love it'. 
Morphe Blushing Babes - Pop of Blush
Morphe Blushing Babes - Pop of Blush
Morphe is a well know brand for it's eyeshadows and I've only ever tried their eyeshadows so I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped this. I'm obsessed with blushers and I am very excited to play around with this more. Each shade is beautiful and wearable and I love the names of each blush too. 
The note read: 'I have a different one of these and use it all the time! So pretty'. 
Colour Pop Supernova Eyeshadow - Rush Hour
Colour Pop Supernova Eyeshadow - Rush Hour
Emma knows how much I love Colourpop and it was actually Emma who introduced me to the brand in the first place. Emma also knows how much I love gold toned liquid glitter eyeshadows, which makes this the perfect present for me. I really wish Colourpop would come to the UK!
The note read: 'Because it's pretty'. 
Princess Ariel Mermaid Lashes
Princess Ariel Mermaid Lashes
 One thing myself and Emma always buy each other is lashes. I was so surprised when I opened these and I've never seen them before in my life. They are stunning, so fluttery and I cannot wait to wear them. Emma always picks the best lashes.
The note read: 'These look unreal! You will love them'.
Sephora Watermelon Lip Balm
Sephora Watermelon Lip Balm
 Sephora Watermelon Lip Balm | $6.00
When I opened this one, I was so intrigued. I'd never seen one before but as soon as I opened it and smelt the watermelon I fell in love. I'm obsessed with watermelon and I love lip balms so obviously I'm going to love this too.
The note read: 'It smells so good and it's perfect for cold months'.
Sephora Mud Mask
Another beauty from Sephora, Emma knows how much I love a good old pamper and she knows I love nothing more than chilling out with a face mask on. I cannot wait to test this one out. 
The note read: 'I swear by this when my skin is bad!'. 
Barbie Shimmer Bath Fizzier
I was obsessed with this as soon as I opened it, I mean it's Barbie!! I used to be obsessed with Barbie when I was little so this was a massive throw back! You can't beat a good bath bomb so I can't wait to use this!
The note read: 'I know you love a good pamper'.
Primark False Nails in Nude Dream
I do love a good set of nails and these ones a absolutely beautiful. I'm obsessed with Primark nails anyway as I find them really good value for money and these are very me!
The note read: 'As soon as I saw them I thought they were so you'. 
Mickey Mouse Heart Earrings
Silver Mickey Silhouette Heart Earrings | £29.99
When I saw these wrapped up, I was very intrigued as the packet was tiny and with what the note said, it got me wondering what they could be! I fell in love as soon as I opened these, they are stunning.
The note read: 'One I use nearly everyday, I hope you like them'.
Unicorn Chocolate Lolly
Unicorn Chocolate Lolly| Sainsburys.
Emma knows just how obsessed with Unicorns I am and when I opened it I couldn't help but smile. It's so cute and just goes to show how well Emma knows me.
Unicorn Keyring
Again, with the Unicorn theme was this adorable keyring! Apparently she picked this up when I was with her in Manchester and I had absolutely no idea. It's so cute and I cannot wait to attach it to my keys.
The note read: 'To add to your collection'.
Unicorn Stickers
How adorable are these?! These were on top of the parcel so they were the first thing I saw! I'm going to add them to my scrapbook and get unicorn sticker happy! I'm obsessed honestly. 

So that's what I got from Emma for Christmas. I was so spoilt wasn't I?! Make sure you come back on 9th January to see what else I got for Christmas! Please let me know in the comments below what you got for Christmas too as I'd love to know and if you blogged about it I'd love to know so I can read the post! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year xo 

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  1. What a lovely bunch of gifts. I love the ColourPop Supernova Eye Shadows. I wish that there was a Sephora over here. I bought their sheet masks last time I visited one and they were brilliant.

    Roxie |

    1. She truly spoilt me didn't she. I'm yet try the eyeshadow but I am very excited to! I really wish there was too, I've never been before but Emma gets me quite a bit from there and I've loved every product I've tried! x

  2. I recently purchased the too faced sweetie pie radiant matte bronzer and I freaking love it. I'm so shocked at how good it is at as bronzer (despite having so much pink in it) but it also works wonderfully as a blush. Too faced has been on fire with the products in the last year.

    1. It's so good isn't it. I was so unsure about it at first but I honestly love it. I'm obsessed with Too Faced too, by far my favourite brand! x

  3. Such a great collection of goodies! I love that unicorn chocolate - so cute! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  4. LOVE those primark nails and the cute earings! Such beaut gifts!

    Katie |

  5. What amazing gifts! That ColourPop glitter shadow looks like such a beautiful colour, and I love the look of that Watermelon lip balm, it's such a pretty colour xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. What lovely gifts, I love the sweetie pie bronzer it's so nice isn't it? xxxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo �� 


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